Why Dogs Bite Leash

- Mar 23, 2020-

Do you have a leash biter? For example, you are about to take a nice walk with your dog and all of a sudden you find yourself playing  tug-of-war with the leash.Your dog seems to be in control and you are not getting anywhere. Leash biting can be annoying and counterproductive at times, especially while you are training your beloved dog. So why do dogs bite and pull at their leash?  There are several reasons why a dog would bite their leash from social interaction to boredom to even pent-up energy. Finding the reason for their behavior will help you to find the solution.

As stated above, there are a few reasons why dogs exhibit this leash biting behavior Adwhile on a walk and it is important to find the root of this behavior.

When your dog is too young or a Puppy and he is not that familiar with going for a walk outside. Your Dog or Pup is not used to having a Leash controlling his movement as he is used to walking freely at home.

Being outside is a high-energy, overly sensual area for dogs. There are so many smells, unusual movements, and different creatures, plants, and people for them to explore. It can be overwhelming to your dog's senses and create unwanted behaviors like leash biting.

However, this is not the only root of their biting behavior. Dogs just like humans have different emotions that can cause this behavior including being playful, boredom, cooped up energy, and frustration. Many dogs see going for a walk as ‘play time’ and get overly excited. Their leash biting can be more of a ‘play with me’ act and not purely defiance or acting out. When it comes to leash biting, it could just be your dog is bored or he/she has a need to entertained. This is quite similar to wanting to play. Often, leash biting is a social behavior.

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