Which Pet Products Are The Most Popular?

- Oct 25, 2018-

Overall, pet toys are the top sellers among the most popular pet items, as more than half (55 percent) of pet owners have purchased toys in the past 12 months. Meanwhile, 35 percent of pet owners bought beds, baskets and bedding, and 33 percent bought collars and leashes.

Forty-three percent of pet owners expressed interest in automatic pet toys and accessories, such as toy ball throwers and automatic feeders. Fifty-one percent of pet owners are interested in a pet's wearable activity monitor, while 27 percent believe that a health monitor can improve a pet's activity level. Finally, 33 percent of pet owners are interested in pet interactive consoles.

"The personification of pets also extends to products such as fitness monitors, which ensure that pets get the amount of exercise they need. There are also accessories to improve pet behaviour, such as a cooling jacket for hyperactivity, Jane concludes. "As people are pressed for time these days, owners are looking for convenience, which is also driving demand for pet automation items, such as items that can be kept or entertained when pets are alone.