What Are The Recommendations For Using A Dog Leash?

- Nov 30, 2018-

1. Many dogs are more disgusted with the collar, and the force of the collar is not very uniform. If you want to stop the dog that is fast forward, it may cause some damage. Moreover, the long-term use of the collar-type traction rope tends to rub the hair of the throat portion, which may cause hair removal problems. Therefore, when selecting the style of the traction rope, it is recommended to select a shoulder-type traction rope with a relatively uniform force.

2. Before the dog goes out, let the dog get used to the feeling of wearing a leash, know how to use the leash to limit the dog's action.

3. Adjust the tightness of the traction rope, not too tight, which makes it easy for the dog to feel uncomfortable and has a sense of rejection on the traction rope.

4. Try not to let the dog lead you, either in the accompanying way, or let the dog follow behind you. Too much obedience to dogs will give them a dominant position, which is prone to sudden bursts and other bad behaviors.