Warm In October, KUDI Walks With You!

- Nov 06, 2019-

The KUDI conference room held a different meeting - the October birthday party. In the past, the conference room was an important place to discuss the development and production of pet products as a brand such as KUDI, and it could also be used to represent the solemn and sincere birthday of the KUDI pet comb manufacturer.

A person's birthday is deserted, and the reunion of a group of people is lively. Only a fascinating pet comb manufacturer can achieve perfection in daily management planning, and better care for people's care and pets. During the birthday party, the KUDI Management Department carefully prepared birthday gifts such as fruits and cakes. Everyone reunited and sat, singing birthday songs and blessing each other. After the meeting, the birthday stars who were present also pulled up the characters of happy birthday, leaving a good memory at this moment.

Birthday is like a node, some people step into the age of standing, some people are looking back, some people are also recorded in the cool di. These are also slowly gathering this force, prompting KUDI pet comb manufacturers to keep moving forward. In the past 18 years, as a pet comb manufacturer, we have continuously developed and produced all kinds of pet products independently, and infiltrated the humanized management methods into various departments of pet comb manufacturers. This is the result of the joint efforts of KUDI and all employees!

Here, we also hope that in the days to come, the KUDI family can better develop the production scale of KUDI and other pet products brands and manufacturers, so that the life of the pets is more comfortable!