Use Of Rope Dog Leash

- Dec 14, 2018-

Traction rope is an important link that is easy to correct when a pet dog makes an improper act while exercising. The leashes on pet dogs are mostly made of nylon. There are several types of leashes. You can choose according to your own and pet needs:

The rope is 50cm long and this rope can control the dog at the foot of the owner;

The length of the rope is 50-75CM. We usually use this rope for walking;

The rope length is 150-375CM. We use this rope in the training process;

The rope length is 180-300CM, which can relax the dog's range of activities.

In addition, the stretchable traction rope can be used for large, small and medium-sized dogs. It can automatically adjust the length of the rope, which is very convenient.