Three Conditions To Keep A Pet

- Oct 24, 2018-

As the most popular member in modern family life, pets are widely sought after. In the process of getting along with pets, people gradually discover the unlimited benefits pets bring to humans. The pace of modern life is fast, the young generation is under great pressure, they have no time to accompany their children, and the elderly people are also lonely and helpless. "Ding chong clan", "ding ke clan" and "empty nest family" are all present in the world, reflecting the weird circle of modern society from the side. It is undeniable that pets bring benefits to human beings in this environment. Pets have the advantages of cultivating children's love and inspiring children's sense of responsibility. To satisfy the love of "children" of "dink" parents; It can relieve young people's emotions in complex social interactions; To some extent, it replaces the children to perform filial duties for their parents and relieves the loneliness of the elderly. But we can not blindly pet, because their needs and regardless of their emotions.

The first point is attitude: no matter what we do all pay attention to attitude, attitude determine the success or failure of things. The same goes for pets. We can't just keep pets for the fun of it. When you decide on a pet, it is already a member of your family life. You should pay special attention to its daily life. After all, a pet is an animal, and it needs more care and care.

Enough patience: when a pet comes to a new home, it is assumed that the owner has more responsibility. In addition to bringing joy to people, pets can also cause a range of "problems". In urban life, more people choose a dog as a pet, partly because of its loyalty and partly because it is clever and easy to train. According to research, dogs' IQ is equivalent to that of four-year-olds. Dogs need to spend more energy in daily life. First of all, they need to clean themselves. In summer, they need to take a bath on time. The second is safety. Before going out, you should wear mouth muzzle to prevent hurting people around. You should get the vaccine regularly every year. Finally, for the sake of the health of the family and the elegance of the family environment, the owner will teach the dog how to properly use the toilet. This is a troublesome process, which usually takes about a month to learn, which requires the owner to have enough patience.

Plenty of time: dogs are natural creatures, and they're naturally active. Owners need to have enough time and energy to take care of them, and many people are "comfortable" with their pets after buying them back, especially young workers who have little time to accompany their dogs, which is not conducive to their healthy growth. Dogs need to "communicate" with their owners, especially when they are new to a new home and require special attention. Therefore, keeping pets is not only to satisfy their desire, but also to see if they can have the conditions of keeping pets. To give your dog a healthy environment, be careful when buying.