The Used Of Pet Rake Comb

- Feb 14, 2019-

It is the duty of each owner to comb the puppies. Especially for the competition dogs, pay special attention to whether their hair is neat before the game. Sometimes the dog's hair is messed up, they will use their tongues to clean and tidy, and they are also prone to illness, so help them to comb often.

The row of comb handles specially designed for pets is particularly long, because it is specially designed for those long-haired dogs. It can easily groom the pet's hair by holding the combs horizontally. The handle of the comb is made of metal and is very strong. The open comb is specially designed for those long-haired dogs, but there are also some unhygienic puppies that often run outside. Their hair is also too heavy due to dust, and it is easy to kill knots. The knot is not a comb that can be combed. At this time, you can use this open-cut comb. Don't look at it like a harpoon, but its comb is much sharper. When you use it, the owner can put the comb into the knot, and the jagged comb can be immediately Cut the interface. Moreover, in order to avoid accidentally injuring the pet during use, the quick opening of the knotting comb is designed on the inner side and does not touch the pet's skin.