The Use Of Pin Brush For Dogs

- Feb 27, 2019-

When a pin comb is used to comb a long, fluffy, curved pet, a dog comb is required. It will make the pet's hair more fluffy and light.

Pin combs are large and small, and can be selected according to the body shape of their favorite pets. For example, small dogs and cats can choose small pin combs. For medium and large dogs, you can choose a larger comb comb for the pets. The owner is labor-saving and the pet is more comfortable.

Due to the relatively short pin teeth, it is difficult to comb the roots of the hair when combing the cats and dogs. When using a pin comb, the hair can be layered for combing, and the order from the tip of the hair to the root can loosen the hair comb and not hurt the baby. Gently combing against the hair creates a fluffy effect.

Note: The tip of the pin comb is sharper, so when combing the pet, the thinner parts of the skin must be careful, such as eyes, ears, belly, etc., do not tie to the cat and dog skin. Also be careful not to get yourself.