The Special Heros In This Difficult Time

- Apr 16, 2020-

In this difficult time, many people are pitching in to spread a little joy – and so is Tonka the Great Dane, a certified therapy dog in the Austin, Texas area.Now,he paws up to the outside window of the senior center to say hello.


People living at the senior care facility have gone into self-isolation, limiting their contact with the outside world.Rather than enter the building, as he normally does, Tonka instead greeted residents at their windows — letting them know that, despite their isolation, they still weren't alone.

Some residents even made signs, letting Tonka know just how much they appreciated him being there for them.

Tonka,I miss you.❥

Sunny and his owner, Karen Eveleth, live in Manitou Springs and have been neighbors with Renee Hellman for over a decade who has some health issues and relies on oxygen, is self-quarantined for her own health. So she can't leave her house — even for essentials.

To avoid putting her neighbor at risk, Eveleth sent Sunny over to pick up her grocery list and then, after a shopping trip, to deliver the bags.



Sunny's duties do not stop there. He also helps his owner retrieve the mail and he even picks up trash when they go for walks.


This is the hard time,but we still beliver they are always here with us.