The Difference Between Pet Grooming Comb

- Jul 12, 2019-

Comb is the most basic way to care for a pet. By combing hair every day, not only can you clean up the dirt, promote blood circulation, but also harvest a little cute. Many pet owners do not understand the scientific way of nursing. If the way and strength of combing are not correct, it will cause the dog's skin to become red and even a lot of hair loss. Different types of dogs need different ways of care, and a variety of beauty combs are for more scientific pet grooming.

Needle comb

As the most common beauty comb, needle comb is reversed and layered. Because the needles of the needle comb are generally short, it is usually not possible to comb from the surface to the root of the hair. Only the reverse layer-by-layer comb can loosen and break the hair from the roots, and truly achieve the purpose of combing the dog.

Be careful not to let the needle comb tip puncture the dog and your own hand. Especially when a small dog, such as a poodle, uses a needle comb, if it is too strong, it will grow "perverted hair (yellow, hard)" after two or three months.

Be careful when combing to special parts, such as around the dog's eyes, under the ears, belly, etc. These areas are relatively weak, and it is easy to scratch the skin too hard. Before using the needle comb, you can gently comb it on the back of your hand, feel the strength, and then comb it on the dog.

Row comb

The comb is used for long-haired dogs to take care of the details, such as straightening the hair of the group, and also for combing the hair of the ears, nose and legs. The combs also prevent static electricity and gently comb the hair from the roots of the hair, making each hair straighter and smoother.

Open knot comb

Some dogs are more naughty, often running around, their hair is easy to kill because of dust, this time you need to use a knot comb. It has a shape like a harpoon and the hair is very sharp. When using, the owner only needs to put the comb into the knot, and the jagged comb can cut the interface immediately. The inner quick opening design can avoid hurting the pet's skin during use.

Handle comb

Suitable for medium and long hair dogs, especially for the back and chest. Use the handle comb to easily open the knotted area and comb the unhealthy hair to make the healthy hair straight and fluffy. At the same time, it can minimize hair breakage.

Comb is one of the compulsory courses for raising pets. It is often combed to promote blood circulation and reduce the probability of skin diseases and parasitic diseases. With all kinds of pet combs, all hair combs and hair knots are not afraid.

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