The Benefits Of Combing

- Sep 05, 2019-

1. Promote blood circulation: During the process of grooming the dog, the needle repeatedly massages the skin, which can promote the blood circulation of the pet, increase the skin resistance, and eliminate the body fatigue of the pet.

2. Reducing the amount of hair loss: often combing hair, the dead hair that has fallen off will be combed down along the comb, and the room will not fall with the activity of the pet, causing the owner's clothes, the dead corner of the room, the bed, and the dog in the air. The hair of the dog flying.

3. Prevent hair knotting: Especially for long-haired dogs, often do not comb the hair, it will lead to hair entanglement, knotting, felting, regular combing, will eliminate this phenomenon.

4. Timely detection of trauma, skin disease: In the process of combing hair, the owner can find out in time whether the dog has trauma, skin problems, and get the best treatment time.

5. Make the dog more beautiful: the hair is often combed, stimulating the hair follicles, ensuring better hair quality and hairiness of the dog, and making the dog's hair smooth and shiny.