Shanghai Asia Pet Show KUDI New Products Officially Launched

- Aug 22, 2019-

In August 2019, the highly anticipated 22nd Asian Pet Show was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. With a larger scale, more exhibition halls, and more exciting activities, the expectations of the Asian Pet Show are not just a little bit. As the leader of the pet products industry, KUDI Pet Products uses E4 L51 as its coordinates to play its own light and heat at the Asia Pet Show.

Every year, the Asian pet show shows the development of the pet industry, and there are many high-quality products and brands on the line. This year, the KUDI team arrived at the venue in advance, first carefully examined the process and details of the booth layout of the Asian Pet Show, and then placed the new products in different categories. The internal implementation of the team also discussed in detail the launch of the new products on the Asian Pet Show, and set certain requirements and goals for the introduction of the product and the guarantee of quality.

The launch of new products has always been the highlight of the annual Asian Pet Show. On the first day of the exhibition, KUDI's new small flying saucer three-in-one rotary pet comb, three-in-one pet grooming suit, five-in-one pet grooming suit, pet curved self-cleaning comb and other new products have attracted a large number of new products. Asian pet show the attention of the audience. Whether it is the stylish and practical portability of the small flying saucer, or the comprehensive functionality of the three-in-one and five-in-one beauty suits, or the ingenious design of the pet's curved self-cleaning bristle comb can not help the audience of the Asian pet show. The eyes are bright. Many people have personally tested the functionality of portable pet supplies such as small flying saucers under the introduction of the staff of KUDI. Now they have reached a cooperation intention. It is worth mentioning that many pet products sellers or senior pet lovers have recognized many of the Amazon explosions arranged by KUDI at the Asian Pet Show.

Since its inception in 1997, Asia Pet Show has become one of the pet fairs that affects Asia as a whole with its strong brand advantage. KUDI Pet Products adheres to the principle of friendly trade, international communication, professional service and perfect equipment. It maintains an excellent level in the Asian Pet Show every year. It provides pet lovers, pet supplies dealers, etc. Showing a good state.