Pet Grooming Steps

- Feb 15, 2019-

1.remove the waste hair

Use a steel needle comb and a card clothing comb to smooth the knotted coat. If the knot is severely covered, the knotting comb should be used. When the waste hair is removed, the rubber comb can be used to remove the waste hair. Comb or bright hair comb.


Massage the pet's coat to play the role of blood circulation, you can use a wooden handle steel brush, oval nylon brush, oval bristle brush.

3.finishing the coat

After combing the massage, it is necessary to confirm the hair of other fine parts of the pet coat (such as the tail, abdomen, hindbrain, etc.). At this time, two-face comb, wide-distance comb, narrow-distance comb, and long-short comb should be used.

4.manicured nails

Prevent nail damage to the meat ball, prevent nail damage to furniture and the floor, use scissors nail clippers, broken table nail clippers.

5.grooming the dirt of the coat

You can use a double-sided bath brush, or use a long-haired dog with a bath brush and a short-haired dog with a bath brush. out fleas

To prevent skin problems and relieve tension, you can use a flea catcher, a bounce comb with a handle, and a sessile jump comb.

7.the net ear

Check your pet's ears every 2 weeks, especially if your ears are long.

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