How To Groom The Cat In The Hot Summer

- Sep 04, 2019-

Before grooming the cat, it should be smoothed, whether it is a long-haired cat or a short-haired cat, you need to comb the hair and start to trim. If it is a short-haired cat, you can use the fader to trim the hair directly. If it is a long-haired cat, you can first cut the hair with scissors and then use a fader to shave.

The cat combs the hair from the head, followed by the neck, chest, back, abdomen, limbs, buttocks, and finally the tail. When trimming the limbs of the cat, you can start from the side and wait until the side is trimmed and trim the other side. When trimming, you must also pay attention to appease the mood of the cat, so that it can spend the entire shaving time quietly.

In order to ensure that the cat's image after trimming looks good. Before the owner trims the cat, he should plan ahead and design the shape to be trimmed for the cat, and then trim it as required during the actual trimming process. When you trim your hair, pay special attention to it. Don't stab the cat. To avoid the cat's nervousness, the hair that is trimmed should be completed in the shortest possible time.

When the cat is trimmed, the cats and parents will also do the cold work for it. Don't let the cat lie on the floor for a long time, don't let it blow directly against the wind. At the same time, after the hair has been trimmed, put on the cold clothes for the cat, so that the cat's skin can slowly adapt to the external environment, and there is no skin disease.