How To Cut The Dog, Teach You 6 Strokes

- Aug 30, 2019-

1. Trimming the entire face is not an easy task, you can try to start with the dog's eyebrows. The scissors should not be directed at the eyes to prevent the dog from hurting the eyes when it is tampering.

2. The beard is an important detector for dogs. It can't be cut, and it can be neatly decorated with a little modification.

3. The edges of the lips and the long hair of the lower jaw are useless, and they will affect the appearance and must be cut off. When trimming, you should first press and hold its lips to prevent it from suddenly causing damage.

4. Pay attention to trimming the hair of the dog's ear. Knocking out the hair on the inside of the ear allows the dog to feel as comfortable as possible during the hot summer months.

5. When the dog's head is long, it will fall to both sides and be slightly shorter. To shave along its skull. Be careful to separate its ear hair from it, don't shave your ears.

6. Properly trim the ear portion. If you want it to look rounder, don't cut it too short around the root of the ear, depending on your preference.

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