How To Comb A Dog With A Smooth Coat?

- Feb 18, 2019-

Short-haired dogs with smooth coats are more self-cleaning and require less care than other coat-type dogs. However, some dogs' hair loss will be more serious. If you want to control the hair removal and dandruff of these dogs, you should comb them as often as a long-haired dog or a more troublesome dog.

Carding tools:

1.slicker brush 2.bristle brush 3.cloth

Smooth combing process:

1. Smooth-haired dogs do not need to be combed frequently, but should be washed once a week or twice a week. Use a slicker brush to flatten the skin to remove dead skin and dirt from the surface.

2. Use a bristle brush to remove the dander and dead skin. Please pay attention to cleaning it from start to finish. At this time, the hair of the dog is smooth and shiny with a hair dryer.

3. Finally, gently wipe with a suede cloth to make the fur look shiny. A dog with a smooth coat is the easiest to comb, and regular grooming will make it look more beautiful.

The dog assistant reminds you:

Please groom the dog regularly to ensure the dog's skin is healthy.