How To Choose The Right Comb For The Dog? What Are The Functions Of Different Combs?

- Mar 07, 2019-

Dematting comb: It has knife-shaped comb teeth, which can cut off the knot and has a strong opening function.

Pin comb: The dog's coat is fluffed, and the sticky hair is combed to remove small knots and dead hair. Suitable for hairy fluffy dogs, such as VIP, Bichon, Pomeran, etc. due to different functions.

Row comb: For dogs with slender, smooth dogs, they can be well combed. The combs are arranged neatly in a row, and the combs are of various types according to the density and coarse subdivision of the comb teeth. It is mainly used to comb the coat that is more fluent and has no hair knot. It is also possible to use the row comb to pull the hair. This is a way to play the dog with a small comb, such as a poodle and a bichon, and then use the row comb to pick up the coat and straighten the coat.

Rake comb: comb teeth are similar to flat combs, the comb spacing is large, each comb tooth can be rotated, the resistance is small during the process of combing, the damage to the hair is small, the handle is perpendicular to the comb teeth, and the force is better, which is more suitable for the person. Larger dogs. Applicable to dogs with thick hair and large size, fluffy hair but combable, such as Samoyed, Su Mu, Gu Mu and so on.

Flea comb: The comb is fine and the gap between the teeth is very small. It is like a small scorpion. Using such a comb to carefully comb the whole body coat, you can comb the dirt attached to the coat and the parasite on the skin surface.

Shedding comb: suitable for hairdressing of dogs during hairdressing, removing excess fluff.

Hair brush: It has a certain cleaning effect, can remove the floating soil on the body surface, and is suitable for short-haired dogs.

Massage comb (long handle pin comb, round handle comb): The needle teeth have elasticity, which can play a certain massage effect. Resin or rubber is the main material, there is no copper needle or comb in the traditional sense, only thick, comb-like comb teeth, the main purpose is not to comb the coat, but to massage the skin through the hair.