Communication With Pets Starts With Play

- Oct 25, 2018-

Is your pet spoiled? Have your love for pets become coddling? Do you know your pet's character? If you want to test it, start playing with your pet.

Too much love spoils a pet's temper and makes him lazy. There are many good and intelligent pets. But lazy, cantankerous pets are not rare, either. The easiest way to change a pet's bad temper is to start by learning about his personality. The easiest way is to play with the pet and learn more about his personality during play. Not only does playing increase feelings, it also brings health benefits to both you and your pet.

Pet toys are the preferred tool for interaction between owners and pets, and are the lubricant of mutual affection. At present, there are many kinds of pet toys on the market. To choose the right toy for your pet, start with the following aspects.

First, the choice of materials. Toys are made of different materials and thus have different durability. Learn about pet bite habits before buying. Choose durable toys according to custom.

Polyethylene is as soft as latex toys and is made in a variety of colors, some even creak, making the toys more interesting and drawing the pet's attention. These toys are generally suitable for pets with no aggressive biting habits.

Rubber and nylon toys have a certain durability and are suitable for those with moderate biting habits, and these toys often have holes in them today to increase the pet's interest in play.

Rope is usually made of nylon or cotton and is suitable for pets with moderate biting habits, especially for those who like to drag and drop games.

Plush toys are soft and light, suitable for pets that like to drag their toys around, not for pets that like to bite. Canvas toys are easy to clean and durable, suitable for pets who like to bite.

What's more, according to the type of pet, some toys are suitable for playing when they are young, but not suitable for playing when they grow up. They should be discarded. Small toys, such as small rubber balls, can be swallowed or lodged in the throat of an adult pet. Torn cloth toys and shredded toy pieces should also be discarded.

At the same time, dogs also like a variety of toys, sometimes four or five toys to play together, this week tired of playing, put away for him, after a period of time to play. Cats are born to sharpen their claws, and household furniture almost always falls victim to cat claw.

Pet food in cities tends to be monotonous and may be lacking in certain trace elements. The main performance of biting objects, biting toys. In order to satisfy their nibbling desire, in addition to the food they nibbled, you can prepare some toys, wooden sticks, non-toxic plastic products and so on.