Types Of Collars,harness And Leash,adjustable Leash

- Dec 19, 2018-

When people choose the dog's collar,harness and leash and adjustable leash, they often decide the color and style according to their own preferences. In fact, this is not right. When we are buying these supplies. The actual consideration should be the dog's body shape and neck thickness. Even the character of a dog. Here are a few common collars. The chest strap and the leash are used as reference for the purchase of the owner.


The material is divided into leather, nylon, plastic, cotton and synthetic leather. The leather collar made of cowhide has a long service life. Close to the dog's skin, the oil on the dog will seep in. The cortex will brighten, the softness will increase, the toughness will increase, and the age will be lengthened. However, small dogs do not have to use leather. Generally, traditional bells and single-ring collars are also available.

Harness and leash:

The harness and leash is composed of two nylon bands, one is a nose ring that acts on the nose and mouth of the dog, and the other is a neck band that applies the force at the uppermost end of the neck. By relaxing the leash and slightly tightening the distinction, the dog is relaxed and does not feel uncomfortable when the dog understands that he is not struggling and accepts the harness and leash. The harness and leash can be used to train enough dog obedience, so that the dog knows well about the status between you and it. For dogs that are easy and like to slap people, the correction effect obtained by using the harness and leash is definitely gentler and more effective than holding the rattan chasing it.

P word chain:

The P-chain has the thickness and thickness. It can be selected according to the dog's body shape. The P-chain is used. The most important thing is the correct wearing method. If the pick-up is on the right, the dog is in the left position. When the dog is worn, the chain must be in a "p" shape. In this way, the direction of the force is correct: if it is in the shape of a q, the direction is completely wrong. When you pull it, the dog's neck is bundled, improperly used, and even the dog's trachea is injured. Of course, if the person is on the left and the dog is on the right, it must be reversed and presented in q. In addition to the correct orientation of the chain and the correct position of the dog, the P-chain should always pay attention to the lubricity of the chain, otherwise it will easily hurt the dog.

The main role of the P sub-chain is not to make the dog hurt. Its focus is on "instant use". It must be quickly and accurately used when it is used. It is mainly to quickly pull the chain to make it tighten instantly, which makes the dog feel uncomfortable while at the same time in the chain. The moment when you encounter a dog, you will stop, just like people and people use swords to compare. Also, because the use of the P-chain must be very careful, a little carelessness will hurt the dog, if the dog's detained timidity or relationship has not yet been established. Do not use. Be sure to ask an expert before using it. At the same time, put the P-chain on your arm and practice it a few times. Master the cockroach and use it on the dog.