Characteristics Of Chinese Pet Market Consumption

- Oct 25, 2018-

The pet economy has been developing continuously since the pet industry swept across China, and it has been tempered by decades till now. However, there is still no complete series in this industry. The long gestation period of Chinese pet market is closely related to Chinese pet consumption culture. Although modern people's thoughts have been changed, and the idea of pet keeping has been formed step by step, the luxury consumption of pet keeping is in contradiction with China's conservation tradition, followed by the contradiction between people's hardworking and leisure life. Western countries pay attention to spiritual and cultural entertainment, so there are many ways of entertainment, and influence is more extensive. In China, however, many wealthy people do not regard leisure and entertainment as an important part of their lives. Therefore, the pet products market in China needs to first create a pet consumption culture and build a good image of pursuing the quality of leisure life. Make pet products as cultural industry and leisure and entertainment industry to stimulate consumption awareness and market recognition.