The Use Of Flea Comb

- Feb 20, 2019-

A soft rubber ergonomic sheathed handle provides a non-slip, comfortable grip for added control and comfort. Suitable for palms, suitable for all breeds and all types, including curl, flat, strong, long, medium and short. Flea Comb helps eliminate fleas, flea eggs and remove fine debris and dust.

This comb can only be used after thoroughly combing the pet coat with a conventional combing comb. The specially designed comb has a 90 degree angle to the handle. This helps prevent the skin of the hyena. When combing, the metal teeth of the comb are placed almost automatically parallel to the skin rather than perpendicular to the skin. Combing the direction of hair growth.

The unique design of the rubber handle makes the flea comb the most comfortable you can buy. The non-slip handle optimizes your comfort and control.