3 Best Long Hair Dog Brushes From KUDI

- Apr 26, 2020-

In a broad sense, there are three types of dog brush: slicker, bristle and wire-pin.

*Medium or Long coats with Flowing Hair (Setters, Spaniels, Golden Retrievers etc) - For this type of coat, a wire-pin brush is useful for general maintenance. You can also use a soft bristle brush with wide bristles. Slicker brushes are great for getting rid of mats.

*Long and Thin Coats (Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier) - For these breeds, use a soft slicker brush to prevent mats and tangles, along with a wire-pin brush for daily maintenance.

3 Best Long Hair Dog Brushes From KUDI

1.Self Cleaning Brush

One of the best slicker brushes for long haired dogs is the KUDI Self Cleaning brush. It's a brush that's great for getting rid of mats, tangles and trapped dirt.4

The self cleaning brush features a flat-headed design with a number of small pins. Like other slicker brushes, these are designed to untangle mats while getting rid of loose hair.

The brush is the one-click bristle retraction. If your dog sheds a lot, this can save time spent untangling hairs from the brush. It also has an ergonomic design and feels comfortable to hold - even during long grooming sessions.

2.Double Sided Pin And Bristle Brush

For long haired breeds, a wire pin brush is often the best choice for preventing mats and spreading healthy oils across the skin (along with a slicker brush.)0101-082 (2)

This brush with wire pins and a non-slip handle - and it's great at removing small tangles without causing discomfort. The pin side is also excellent for leaving a shiny and soft finish to your dog's coat.

Despite the somewhat "spiky" appearance, This double sided brush has rounded pin ends to avoid causing pain on the skin (although you still shouldn't press too hard.) It's also comfortable to hold and built to last.

It also has a bristle side. While this is less useful for long haired breeds, a bristle brush can be used to remove loose dirt or hair on the outer layer of hair.

3. Deshedding Rake comb 

KUDI Deshedding rake available in a range of sizes and types.

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The primary purpose of the deshedding is to remove loose hair from a dog's undercoat. This layer is difficult to groom with a regular brush, but is a major source of the pet hair that often covers carpets and furniture.

The rake is made with a stainless steel edge. This passes through the topcoat without damaging the dog's skin.It also has a button for removing loose hair once you've finished grooming.

Most importantly, the brush does an amazing job at removing hair. It can reduce shedding by up to 90% without damaging the top coat.It'll save you a load of time if your dog sheds a lot.

This deshedding brush has 3 sizes.The "Extra Small" is great for puppies or miniature breeds, while the large is designed for a 50-90lbs dog.