Why don't you need to shave your little pet?

- Sep 17, 2019-

1. There is no sebaceous gland on the puppy

The vast majority of people will often have a misconception that people sweat according to the pores of the skin, which in turn has the effect of reducing temperature and cooling the heat. However, I don't think there is a sebaceous gland on the puppy's hand. Wang Xingren uses heat from the mouth and the foot plate. Shaving the hair is useless to them.

2. Very easy to cause puppies skin infection

After shaving the puppy's hair, I think it will cause Wang Xingren to cause skin infections, skin allergies and even ulceration. Because the hair is not properly maintained, the skin of the puppy is immediately exposed to the gas, and it is vulnerable to bee pollen, floating dust, itching, skin allergies, and the use of the front paws, scratching and summer temperatures. It is easy to swell and swell when it is hot, and it is sensitive to bacteria.

3. It is very easy for a puppy to feel inferior

The shovel officers will feel the shaved hair of the puppy and make them cooler. But after shaving, the puppy will feel very ugly, which will cause inferiority. Even some puppies can cause neurasthenia.

4. The puppy's hair can be properly sunscreen isolated

The hair of the puppy can not only resist the sensation of certain germs, bee pollen, floating dust, etc., but can be properly sun-protected. When the hair of the puppy is shaved, the skin of Wang Xingren is immediately exposed to the sun, and the puppy is more likely to have a reddish skin in the hot summer.

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