Why do dogs like to swear?

- May 20, 2019-

Dogs and deaf people often have the following reasons:

1.Hungry or thirsty

In the wild world, the female wolf will bring the eaten prey back to the nest and then retaliate against the little wolf, so the little wolf will gather the mother's face to eat after the female wolf returns to the nest, and then the dog inherits this, so also I may lick my master's face when I want to eat or see the owner eating.

So when it is hungry or thirsty, it will come to your mouth. It means to remind you that the water is gone or that it should be fed. At this time, you can understand the meaning.

2.Just after eating the smell of rice

Sometimes, when you have just finished eating, you don't have time to gargle or brush your teeth, and the taste of food remains. At this time, it will come over and smell it, and you will want to touch it.


When the dog makes awkward movements, it also expresses respect and obedience. At this point, the dog will lower his body and make himself look small. With the look up and look up, the dog will stand tall and accept the gesture, but will not look back to show its status.

So, when you feel pressure, you will be jealous. Don't sneak in it and like it. In addition, the way to ensure the status with the dog is not to take the initiative to kiss the dog, if you want to kiss, you must also be above the dog's nose.

4.Express like

For example, when you go to the class for a day, when you get home and open the door, it will immediately skip to play with you, and hey you, this time it wants to tell you, it misses you, play with me.