Why do dogs like to sleep next to you?

- Feb 14, 2019-

01. Take you as "Ma Ma"

Whether you are a hostess or a male owner, the dogs are adult or underage, and their thinking and many aspects remain at the puppies stage. In fact, many dogs will regard their owners as their parents no matter how old. They will naturally huddle with the "mother", in which case the "mother" does not necessarily have to be the hostess.

02. Have your taste

Have you found that your dog likes to marry you? Whether it's feet, legs or arms or heads, it's smashed. Who is the most familiar with your taste in this world? The answer is just your dog. Dogs will remember your taste by licking you. And the dog's sense of smell is very sensitive, even if you are not at home, the dog will go to the bed you have slept, and the sofa you often sit on. Because this is the place where you taste the most, it is also the place it likes, smelling your smell, it will feel very relaxed and sleep very safely!

03. Dependence on you

Who is the longest time to get in touch with your dog? The answer is none other than you. Some even took the dog home when the puppy was just weaned. So from birth to the present, it is you who spend the most with it. where are you? It goes where. It will follow you and sleep with you. This is an inexplicable pragmatism. The whole world has nothing to do with it, it is dependent on you!

04. I want to stay with you longer.

As the saying goes: Companionship is the most long-lasting confession. This dog is better than ours. This is the difference between dogs and other animals. The key is the two words "loyalty", which is not found in other pets. of. Therefore, dogs will accompany you with their loyal body. In their view, companionship is the best way to repay their owners. Of course, what they need most is your company!