When should pets supplement nutritional products?

- Jun 21, 2019-

Long-term picky eaters, or eaten people's meals, dogs with a very simple diet need to be supplemented with vitamins, minerals, etc.

For dogs with poor health, infirm, and old age, dogs that are malnourished because of low dietary intake need to be supplemented.

Because of the disease, you need to add a certain vitamin or mineral, such as skin diseases, you can eat vitamins.

If the puppies are weaned too early, proper supplementation of nutrients can lay a foundation for the future strong body and enhance immunity.

Older dogs have severe calcium loss, visceral function is degraded, supplemented with nutrients and calcium supplementation, which can prolong life.

Some gastrointestinal-sensitive or malnourished dogs have nutrients that allow them to digest and absorb better.

The competition dog should take some nutrients according to the nutritionist's suggestion before the game to help show a better state on the field.

Dogs need to take the initiative to supplement vitamins, and special vitamins are needed during special periods such as pregnancy and recovery.