What types of pet toys are there? Is there any recommended pet toy?

- Jan 10, 2019-

The types of pet toys mainly include solitary toys and interactive toys. A solitary toy, as its name implies, is used for pet toys that cannot be accompanied by dogs for a long time. Mainly to alleviate the long-term solitude of dogs, many psychological problems such as separation anxiety, depression and irritability. This is also a pet toy that is more developed at this stage and is more acceptable to pet owners. Unlike the solitude toys in pet dog toys, interactive toys require auxiliary dog toys such as Frisbee, which are used by pet owners and dogs to play together.

As the singularity of toys has just emerged, and now there are more and more pet owners, there is a greater demand for solitude toys in dog toys. The following is a specific classification of the toy alone:

1. Educational toys, such as the star-shaped snack ring, the dog will keep the brain active during the exploration process, and thus can achieve the development of dog intelligence.

2. Molar toy can relieve the discomfort of the dog during the tooth change process

3. Bite the toy, which helps to distract the dog's emotions. In the process of selection, you can choose irregular toys, such as the star-shaped bump ball.

When choosing a pet toy, it is necessary to choose the actual situation of the dog. For example, the office worker cannot have a lot of time to accompany the dog, and the toy can be given priority.