What to watch for in your hairbrush

- Oct 24, 2018-

The benefits of grooming are not only to protect the newly grown hair, but also to brush off the dead hair on the pet, which is conducive to the growth of the new hair. Rid your body of parasites to protect your skin. Comb the blood circulation of the pet, so that health with the pet life. While grooming your pet, however, there are a few details to keep in mind. So it's not going to backfire.

First of all, when brushing your pet's hair, you should use a special grooming tool. Do not comb your dog's hair with a comb or brush. People use different brushing densities. Among them the use of comb is to use both hands to hold comb back, with wrist gentle swing, horizontal comb, coarse, medium, fine comb should be used alternately. The tooth of the needle comb is much, comb when hand of one hand lift, comb after comb again after comb again another part.

Before grooming, if you can use a hot water soaked towel to wipe the dog's body, it will be easier to do when combing, and the coat will be brighter. If the dog is dirty, it is best to comb with a special conditioner or baby powder.

When you brush your dog, be gentle and careful with your movements. Being too forceful and aggressive can cause pain and even hurt the dog's skin. Be especially careful when combing sensitive parts of your dog. Dogs that are small may attack.

Pay attention to the dog's skin when grooming. Clean pink skin for good, proven dog skin health. If red or eczema is found on the dog's skin, the dog may develop parasites, skin diseases, allergies and other problems. Encounter fleas, lice and other parasites should be treated with anti-pest drugs in a timely manner, so as to avoid the continuous reproduction of parasites, so that dogs suffer. Appear eczema, allergic phenomenon, light can apply medicine to recuperate by oneself, once happening to have aggravate form to want to undertake processing to the hospital in time, want to keep the pet clean at the same time.

The grooming sequence is also elegant, starting from the neck, forward and backward, and proceeding from top to bottom. That is, from the neck of the pet to the shoulder comb and then comb the back, chest, waist, abdomen, hindquarters. Comb the hair again, and finally the limbs and the tail, comb one side again another side. The method of combing should be quickly brushed along the direction of the hair, the bottom hair is not easy to be combed, when combing, should be combed layer by layer, make sure every layer of hair is combed. The undercoat of dog, soft and dense, do not comb for a long time easy to form knots, even can cause eczema, skin disease such as tinea. So make sure your dog's hair is properly groomed.