What to do after being bitten by a cat

- May 24, 2019-

1. First wash your wounds. The wound must be cleaned, and the wound after being bitten by the cat should be washed with 20% soapy water or 0.1% benzalkonium (quaternary amine disinfectant) for at least half an hour to remove the meerkat. The quaternary amines and soapy water are not suitable. Squeeze the blood, rinse it with 70% alcohol and repeat the iodine repeatedly. The wound is usually not sutured or bandaged for drainage.

2. Secondly, make sure your cat is ill. Observe if your cat has something wrong with it. If there is any recent illness, it will have a big impact on your follow-up.

3. Then, if your cat is often rabies vaccinated, and there are no symptoms in the near future, you can choose to go to a regular large hospital to fight rabies vaccine, and must be injected into the hospital within 24 hours.

4. In addition, if your cat does not often rabies vaccine or has any recent illness, it is recommended that you clean up the wound and immediately go to the hospital to inject anti-toxic serum. Although the price is a bit expensive, for the sake of insurance, it is best to break the money. Keep healthy.

5. Then, after returning home from the hospital, be sure to properly handle the cat, and observe the behavior of the cat, whether it has appeared, abnormal behavior, if there is abnormal behavior, immediately call the relevant professional to dispose of the cat.

6. Finally, don't worry too much. If you have already injected a vaccine or serum, you will have nothing to do, and you can continue your work and study with peace of mind.

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