What should I pay attention to when trimming a dog's coat?

- Jun 27, 2019-

1. Do not cut the dog's skin when cutting. The dog's skin is not elastic and slack. When the hair is trimmed, the skin will be cut off accidentally. The dog will experience the injury and will evade or hate the hair in the future. Therefore, when cutting hair, especially when the hair is cut short, the scissors must be parallel to the skin, trimmed in the reverse direction or cut from the bottom to the top, it is not easy to cut the skin.

2. Pay attention to trimming the hair between the toe of the long-haired dog. Trimming not only refers to trimming the coat, but also trimming the hair between the toes. The long hair is large at the bottom of the foot, and there are long and more hairs between the toes. It is easy to soil the feet during walking, and sometimes it is easy to slip, so the hair between the toes is also within the trimming range.

3. Pay attention to trimming the long hair around the external auditory canal and anus. Some dogs have more long hair in the external auditory canal, which is easy to cause parasites or external auditory canal inflammation. They can be trimmed or removed regularly (serial extraction, one extraction is easy to cause infection). Long-haired dogs also grow a lot of long hair around the anus, which is easy to cause pollution when the dog defecates. Therefore, it should be trimmed every 2~3 months to reduce pollution.