What should I pay attention to when keeping a dog?

- Jul 10, 2019-

1. Don't let puppies have the opportunity to swallow chicken bones, ribs or fish bones, because they will stay in the throat and then break. If they don't stay in the throat, they will slide into the body and pierce the stomach wall and intestines.

2. Don't let puppies eat leftovers from people's leftovers. Because the demand for nutrition in dogs is different from that of humans, it is not only time-consuming and laborious to regulate dog food with human recipes, but it is difficult for dogs to ingest a complete and balanced camp. Raising, should be based on dog food. This kind of feed is scientifically prepared, delicious, nutritious, easy to be digested and absorbed, and very convenient to use. According to statistics, dogs that eat dog food for a long time are more than one-third longer than dogs that do not eat dog food. And the smell of body odor, tone and excrement will be much lessened, and it is a good gospel for dogs living in apartments.

3. Don't eat puppies for snacks between meals. If it is subject to other training, give it a little snack to encourage.