What should I pay attention to when combing a pet?

- Nov 14, 2019-

1. Use a special pet comb when combing, do not use combs and brushes for people.

2. The use of the row comb is to hold the back of the comb with your hand, gently swing the wrist, laterally comb, and use the combs of coarse, medium and fine pets alternately.

3. The needle comb has many teeth, and when the card is combed, the hair is pulled out by one hand, and the other part is combed after combing.

4. When the hair is combed, the movement is soft and meticulous, and it can't be rough and dry. Otherwise, the pet will be painful, especially when combing the coat near the sensitive part (such as the external genitalia).

5. Pay attention to the dog's skin. Clean pink is good. If it is red or has eczema, it may have parasites, skin diseases, allergies, etc. It should be treated promptly.

6. Found parasites such as cockroaches and cockroaches should be treated with insecticides in a timely manner.

7. When the dog's coat is dirty, use a special conditioner when combing hair.