What should I do with tears in my dog's eyes?

- Jul 12, 2019-

In fact, there are many kinds of situations in which the dog's eyes always shed tears. The most common is the eating problem. For example, eating too much viscera or salty things is easy to get angry, or it may be caused by inflammation of the eyes caused by hair or other things. Of course, it may be a more serious disease, so the director should always pay attention to observe the changes in the dog's eyes and find early prevention in advance.

If the dog's eyelids suddenly increase, you should pay attention, the owner should observe the dog to leave no tears, whether the eyes are red or abnormal. It is necessary to find treatment early.

Of course, it is also possible that dogs are born with a lot of eyelids. This situation is more common. Parents should pay attention to clearing the dog's eyelids in time, especially the light-colored long-haired dogs. Because the hairy dog has more coats, it is easy to get hair into the eyes.

Although we feel that the dog's eyes are more sensitive than people, and there are hairs in the eyes, they may not care, but the hair will definitely form a certain stimulus when entering the eyes, so the long-haired dog is prone to eyelids. It is very important to clean up the eyelids at this time. Once the dog's hair is dyed, it is difficult to clean it, it really affects the appearance, and more importantly, it affects the health of the dog. As the owner, in addition to often cleaning the eyelids for dogs, pay more attention to observing the dog's eyelids. Eye changes, don't delay the dog's health because the dog can't talk.