What kind of supplies do you need at home when you have a new dog?

- Mar 07, 2019-

1.the collar rope is used

When taking a walk with a dog, you must use a collar and a leash, and when you are a puppy, you should develop a habit with a collar. The leash is also made of a belt, a canvas belt, a ribbon or an iron chain. The end should have a sleeve that is easy to use and does not fall off the collar.

2.dog eating utensils

Feeding the dog's utensils requires strong, easy to wash, and not easy to knock over, such as stainless steel basins, aluminum basins, iron basins. The size and shape of the vessel vary depending on the size of the dog. For flat-faced short-nosed dogs, shallow utensils should be used; for longer ears, the ears may fall into the food and drink when eating. It is best to use deep-mouth bowls to make their snouts.

3.cleaning equipment preparation

Includes brushes, combs, scissors, hair dryers, soaps and detergents. The brush should be a pig hair brush, the long-haired dog should use a slightly longer and medium-hard brush; the short-haired dog should use a slightly shorter and harder hair brush, the comb should be a metal comb, and the thick-haired dog should use a thin-toothed comb. Fine-haired dogs should be combed with a fine tooth. Scissors are used to cut the toes and coats of dogs; soaps and detergents are used for dogs to bathe.

4.provide toys to play

Dogs have the habit of carrying and biting things. Therefore, according to the dog's hobbies, they must prepare toys such as sticks and balls that are not easy to swallow, not easy to break and hairless, for dogs to play. These toys are very useful when training dogs.

5.other commonly used items

Prepare commonly used disinfectants as needed, trim the toe claws and the scissors of the coat. In addition, you should always have some medicinal cotton, gauze, disinfectant, 30% iodine, purple syrup and antibiotic ointment. And some people keep playing dogs and go out for a walk, in order to keep out the cold, dress the dog and wear a hat.