What if the pet dog doesn't like to pull the rope?

- Feb 20, 2019-

If the dog is tied to the leash and the owner refuses to obey the owner's order when he goes out for a walk, it is quite a mess. However, if the owner starts training when the dog is small, it is accustomed to wearing a collar and pulling the rope. Such problems generally do not occur.

The owner should buy a soft collar that fits the dog. Note that if the puppies wear the collar for too long, the hair on the neck will be worn out a "dent". To avoid this, many dog owners use sliding traction ropes.

At the beginning, it is not too long to wear a collar for a puppy. It can be done in a few minutes. While wearing a collar, praise the puppies and let it play some favorite games to distract them, and then gradually extend the time the puppies wear the collar.

When taking a puppy out for a walk, encourage it to walk around the owner and speak to it in a calm tone. Most puppies like to walk around their owners instead of running in front. If the puppies have a tendency to run forward, the owner should order it to come back and stop immediately until the puppies return, and then continue to walk, do not pull hard or yell at the puppies.