What causes dogs to shiver besides being afraid of cold?

- Dec 05, 2019-

1. Shivering because of fear

People can't help trembling during the dramatic changes in mood, and dogs generally tremble because of fear. On the walk, if someone is holding a large dog with a leash to face a small dog, the small dog may bluff with the leash and bark at the big dog, but the owner can still feel the little dog from the shaking of the leash Afraid. Or in other words, when the owner pretends to punish the dog with a stick, the dog will involuntarily break away from the traction rope and retreat, unable to stop shaking. This shivering phenomenon is also a sign that the dog is threatened.

2. Shaking abnormally may be poisoning

Dog trembling may also be caused by eating something that is toxic to them, such as morning glory, castor or other toxic chemicals. This type of item may be the original in the home, or it may have been eaten by the owner when he took it out with a traction rope. This type of tremor may be accompanied by other complications than trembling because of fear. The owner should seek medical attention in a timely manner while paying attention to observation. In daily outdoor sports, it is also necessary for the owner to restrain the dog from eating by using a traction rope.

3. Illness may be the source of shivering

Generally dogs do not tremble for no reason. Large dogs such as golden retriever often tremble back. This version is caused by joint pain, such as hip dysplasia or femoral head necrosis. The owner should take the dog out of the daily multi-purpose traction rope to exercise, strengthen the physique, and pay attention to calcium supplementation. In addition, when using the traction rope for training, the owner should also pay attention to whether the dog is hurt because of a certain part, and then it will tremble with pain.

Of course, if the shivering is caused by the lower temperature, dog's leg cramps and slight shaking are normal. In winter, the owner minimizes the frequency of walking the dog with a traction rope at night, and chooses to use the traction rope to take the dog out to exercise during sunny hours. Prepare a warm kennel or warm clothes for going out, which can alleviate the dog's shivering caused by the cold. If the dog shivering is really serious and uncontrollable, the owner still needs to be sent to the pet hospital for examination as soon as possible to prevent the problem.

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