What are the ways in which the shovel can take the dog to exercise?

- Nov 22, 2019-

First of all, walking is a common way of exercising for both the owner and the dog.

Dog owners often use the leash to take the dog to walk in the community, park or on the side of the road in the morning or in the evening, to solve the dog's physiological needs. In the process, the actions of the owner and the dog are mostly slow and leisurely. You can make some dog friends by the way, expand your circle of friends, and find a playmate for the dog. Walking in the morning and evening with a leash and walking with a dog can be said to be a very economical way of exercising.

Second, swimming can help exercise.

The dog's swimming skills are like no teacher's own, and the "dog-climbing" swimming posture is not small. It is understood that some dogs such as Golden Retriever, the joints occasionally ill, swimming is indeed beneficial to it. If it is hot weather, swimming can also cool the dog and make it feel comfortable. Of course, the owner should try not to use the leash to bring the dog to a pond and jump in. Some ponds are turbid, easy to breed bacteria, and need to choose a clean and safe swimming place.

Moreover, the fun of throwing games can also enhance each other's feelings.

In general, families with dogs, in addition to walking with dogs on the leash, are inevitably throwing games such as Frisbee and sandbags. The owner can choose a place that is relatively empty and unmanned, and play with the dog by throwing a frisbee, etc., and can also properly train the leash. This kind of exercise can not only exercise the dog's endurance, promote metabolism, enhance limb strength, but also greatly enhance the trust and closeness between the owner and the dog.