What are the tools needed for dog grooming?

- Nov 05, 2019-

1.Flat comb

Function: The top of the flat comb is round, which can comb the slender and supple dog hair, and it is not easy to hurt its skin. This type of comb is generally more suitable for dogs with smaller dogs. If you want to comb a large dog's hair with a flat comb, it is a bit difficult.

Applicable for dogs: for dogs with slender, smooth hair, such as Yorkshire Terrier, Shetland Sheepdog, West Highland Dog, etc.

2.Needle comb

Function: fluffy the dog's coat, comb the sticky hair to remove small knots. A good needle comb, even after repeated use, the steel needle will not trip, fall, and is more flexible.

Applicable dogs: Poodles such as poodles, Bichon dogs, and Chow Chows.

3.Open the comb

Function: The teeth of the open comb are like a harpoon, with a blade on one side, and the comb is very sharp. It can cut off the agglomerated hair and open the bundled hair. Because the comb has a blade on one side, there is a right and left hand. Moreover, in order to avoid accidental injury to the dog, the edge of the knotted comb is designed on the inside to ensure that the dog's skin is not touched.

Applicable dogs: Dogs that are long and thick and easy to knot, such as Bichon dogs and poodles.

4.Straight shank nail comb

Function: Straight shank bristles are somewhat similar to flat combs, but the comb teeth are more spaced, and each comb can be rotated, so the resistance and damage to the hair are very small during the combing process. In addition, since the handle of the comb is perpendicular to the comb teeth, it is more convenient for the owner to hold the force.

Applicable to dogs: dogs with large body, thick coat, fluffy hair and soft and smooth, such as the English ancient sheepdog.

5.Universal comb

Function: Universal comb is the most common daily grooming tool for dogs. Metal combs can easily comb some dead hair. At the same time, the comb of the universal comb is very dense, and relatively speaking, it is more suitable for combing thin and long hair. Universal combs are available in different sizes depending on the age of the dog, from puppies to adult dogs.

Applicable to dogs: Common to all kinds of dogs.

6.Flea comb

Function: This is also a general comb for dogs, but it is a special type of comb comb, which is usually used to remove parasites from dog hair. It can also be used as a facial cleansing to remove the hair around the eyes. Food residue in the food.

Applicable to dogs: Common to all kinds of dogs.