What are the precautions for cleaning your ears?

- May 16, 2019-

1.Preparation tool

To give your dog an ear, you must first prepare: medical cotton, hemostat, pet safety scissors, special ear wash.

2.Trim the dog's ear hair

For long-haired dogs, the owner should first trim the hair of their ears with a pet safety scissors. Next, use a hemostatic forceps to remove the small hairs outside the ear canal that are relatively dense and easy to block the line of sight. Can be seen clearly when cleaning up. In addition, the dog is trimmed first to prevent the dirt from being hidden in the hair during cleaning.

3.Moderate cleaning

It is necessary to regularly clean the ear canal for dogs, but it is not necessary to pay too much to clean the ear canal. It is usually necessary to clean the ear canal for a week. It is very suitable to go to two times. When cleaning the ear canal, you can use the medical cotton bag to place the hemostatic forceps on the outer part, and take some ear wash to wipe. As for the deep invisible place, the owner can directly use the ear soap. Drop two or three drops into the dog's ear canal, then gently rub the dog's ear canal and let the dog pull it out.

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