What are the necessary dog ​​supplies?

- Jul 19, 2019-

1.Traction rope

This is a very important dog-raising tool. Many tragedy dog tragedies are caused by the owner not wearing a leash for the dog. And whether it is walking or training the rope is a good tool.


It is also a very important job to groom the dog regularly, and it is necessary for the long-haired dog to comb it every day. Not only can it remove the hair, but it can also clean up the rubbish in the coat, and it can also prevent the knot from being knotted, and it can also improve the feelings of the owner and the dog.

3. Dog cage or kennel

In any case, it is always necessary to give the dog a place to rest. If the owner is busy at work and is not at home for a long time, then it is recommended to buy a dog cage to let the dog get used to living in a dog cage and come back later at night. If the training is better, the dog will not bite and defecate anywhere, then buy a kennel.

4. absorbent towel

Whether you are taking a bath or taking a dog to the pet shop for bathing, it is recommended to prepare a towel. After all, pet stores receive more dogs, and it is inevitable that they will encounter some dogs with skin diseases. I prepared my own towels to prevent cross-infection. In addition, if you take a bath, your pet shower gel, ear tools and shaving tools should also be prepared.

5. Toys

Molar toys are definitely prepared, which can provide good help when the dog changes teeth, and can also reduce the dog bite. You can also prepare some toys that you like to consume their energy and pass the time.