What are the eating habits of the dog's diet?

- Nov 21, 2019-

1. Supplement nutrition is not as good as possible

Dogs may eat very strong and look very soft, but there is a great hidden danger behind obesity. If the owner feeds the dog blindly, the lack of the process of pulling the dog with the leash will only increase the burden on the dog. In daily life, the owner uses the leash to bring the dog out to exercise and sun, and to a certain extent, re-absorbs nutrition. If you ignore the traction rope exercise, excessive intake of nutrients can accumulate in the dog, especially fat products can lead to obesity and diabetes. Excessive minerals can also cause abnormal skeletal development in pet dogs. The more common protein supplements should be moderate, otherwise no more traction ropes will help.

2. It’s not good to eat too much internal organs

The animal's internal organs are rich in nutrients. Many owners will mix the animal's internal organs with the dogs and give them to the dogs. They think that the dogs will become healthier and stronger. Sometimes when the owner uses the leash to bring the dog out, he does not pay attention to whether the dog has eaten the "food" on the side of the road. Some owners will also believe in the principle of "do not eat, eat, and not sick", but use the leash to carry the dog movement, but forget the restraint and guidance. In fact, regular consumption of internal organs can easily lead to vitamin A poisoning in pets. Eating of internal organs and white rice can also lead to pets' lower limbs and affect health. Not to mention the danger of roadside rubbish for dogs lacking traction rope guidance.

3. Family version of dog food is not advisable

In some families, in addition to pulling the rope out, the owner will make some dog food that combines seafood, fish bones and chicken bones, which seems to be both save and nutritious. However, the bones of the food are easy to get stuck in the pet's throat. The fish bones contain calcium and phosphorus. Trying to eat can easily lead to urinary stones. The meat quality of some shellfish can even cause symptoms such as indigestion and skin allergies in dogs. The owner should use the help of professionals to scientifically match the food. First use the dog to try it out before using it. If it is for calcium supplementation, usually some calcium tablets, or pig bones and bones are enough. When the sun is good, the owner can take the dog out with a leash and can also help the absorption of calcium.

4. Meat should not be a staple food for pets

The rich protein and nutrition in meat can help dogs to be healthier and more flexible. However, if meat is the main food for a long time, it will lead to unbalanced nutrition and uncoordinated development. Moreover, many meats taste delicious, far better than rations, and it is easy to let dogs develop bad habits. Therefore, in the basic traction rope training for dogs, it is necessary to properly restrain the diet and develop good eating habits, but not eating meat, but focusing on nutritional balance.