What are the dog training toys? Introducing a training toy that makes dogs simple and fun?

- Jun 12, 2019-

Ball training toys: Ball toys are characterized by their strong mobility and are fully compatible with the characteristics of dogs that are chasing moving objects. By touching the ball toy during the dog's play, the toy can be rolled and the dog's interest is stimulated. In training, the shape of the ball toy also determines the remoteness. Can train dog skills: In addition to doing dog toys, to prevent dogs from chaos, but also to train dog speed, bite, tour, chase password, sitting password, password, password and other skills. In addition, cotton rope ball toys also have the function of cleaning dog teeth. Ball toys are divided into: plush ball toys, latex ball toys, cotton rope ball toys, rubber ball toys, etc. according to different material choices.

Frisbee training toy: Frisbee toy is a tool used by many friends when doing agile training for dogs. Depending on the texture and shape, the effect of the Frisbee during use is different. Generally, the Frisbee of the cotton cord has the function of cleaning teeth. Different plastic textures will have different effects on the dog's teeth. The poor quality of the Frisbee is not only unstable during the flight, but also easily hurts the dog's teeth. The canvas texture of the Frisbee also determines the weight. The flying and landing of the Frisbee, the concave disk in the above picture, such a Frisbee is more easily picked up by the dog after landing.

Features: It has a very good effect on the speed and agility of training dogs and the tour.

Frisbee classification: cotton rope, canvas, plastic, silicone, etc. Puppet training toys: Puppet training toys, the effect and effect are equivalent to ball toys, but the difference between shape and texture. In general, the puppet toy does not cause damage to the puppies' teeth, and the easy-to-bite characteristics can also increase the puppies' excitement.

Features: soft texture, easy mouth.

Classification of puppet training toys: Puppet toys are not subject to shape restrictions, so there are many types, such as various shapes, colors and models.

Knotted training toys: In addition to being a common toy for dogs, the knotted training toy can effectively train the dog's pulling force, is suitable for dog molars and can clean teeth well. It is a very suitable dog. Interactive toys.

Features: The knotted training toys are generally made of cotton rope, which is strong and bite-resistant, and is very helpful for training the dog's pulling force.

Pull-ring training toy: It has the same characteristics as the knot-type training toy, that is, it can make the dog and the host have better interaction. Unlike the knot rope toy, the pull-tab part of the pull-type toy is suitable for the dog. The dog's mouth type can better bite for game and training.

Features: The pull ring part has a round design, which is more conducive to the bite of the dog.

Pull ring training toy classification: According to the texture and shape, it is divided into cotton rope, rubber, 8 word rope, single ring and so on.

Vocal training toys: vocal training toys are basically available for every dog, and short vocals can attract the attention of the dog. The vocal toy is built on the basis of other training toys, which adds the characteristics of vocalization. In the game and training, the dog's attention can be well concentrated in an instant.

Features: In addition to ordinary toys, there are more sound devices, which can train dogs more effectively.

Classification of vocal training toys: According to the shape and texture, it is divided into rubber, plastic, plush, various animal shapes, and daily necessities.