What are the classifications of pet combs?

- May 21, 2019-

The basic beauty of a dog is always inseparable from the comb, but the pet-specific comb is too much and has a different shape.

1. Needle comb: When a comb is used to comb a long, fluffy, curved pet, it is necessary to use a dog comb. For example, Chow, Lady, Bichon, and Shih Tzu, will make the pet's hair more fluffy and light.

2. Flat combing and combing: The most widely used comb is basically suitable for all cats and dogs. It is used to remove hair and dirt. Especially for pets with long hair, it can be well combed.

3. Hair removal comb: For the season change, the bottom hair comb is a good helper. It can effectively remove the dead hair and the bottom velvet that the pet has fallen off, and it will not cause damage to healthy hair, which is very good to avoid the situation that the dead hair is not easy to clean.

4. Open the comb: mainly for hair that has been knotted by long-haired pets. The comb has a metal blade on the teeth that cuts the knotted hair.

5. Massage comb: Massage comb is a pet-specific comb with massage function, which effectively promotes the blood circulation of cat and dog skin and relieves the pressure of pet. At the same time, the hair can be removed during the massage process, which is suitable for all dogs and cats.

6. Comprehensive comb: In order to facilitate the owner to carry and store, many manufacturers integrate combs with different functions into one comb, and the front and back sides have different combing effects, such as needle combmassage comb, wide and narrow pitch integrated row. Comb and so on.

7. Others: In addition to the commonly used combs mentioned above, there are many pet-specific combs, such as combs for combing, massage combs for bathing, and flea combs for removing fleas. The owner can choose according to the actual situation of the pet hair.

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