What are the benefits of using a 10 foot retractable dog leash?

- Nov 23, 2018-

The owner of the scientific dog knows that the dog leash is a must for dogs. Although we repeatedly put the leash on the dog, there are still many owners who feel that this and the rope limit the dog's freedom. We have arranged the five advantages of the dog leash for you. I hope that all dogs can wear the leash to avoid the tragedy.

1. Increase the obedience of the dog, strengthen the status of the owner, make the dog more obedient;

2. Prevent dogs from being lost, some dogs are naughty and playful, parents can't call back, and you don't run fast, dogs are easy to lose;

3. Prevent dogs from getting into a car accident;

4. Prevent dog fights from being injured;

5. Prevent the dog from biting or scaring him.