What are the beauty techniques for dogs?

- Sep 20, 2019-

1. Regularly trim the hair to the dog. Especially for dogs that grow like hair, hair is too long to affect their daily life and health. The hair on the butt is also cut short, which is good for dogs.

2. When you cut your dog's nails, hold the dog's claws and just cut off the dog's nail tips. Can't cut too short, because it has blood vessels at the tip of the nail, and the cut blood vessels will break. And be careful not to cut the meat, including the hair between the fingers can also be trimmed together.

3. When cleaning the ears, you can cut off the hair inside the dog's ear, then use a cotton swab to pull out the wet ear, like a dog with a long ear. This kind of repair is best done every three days.

4. Brush the dog once a week to prevent the disease.

5. Take a shower once a week. When taking a bath, you can block the dog's ears with cotton to prevent water ingress. The bathing liquid should be selected for pets. After washing, it should be blown dry with a hair dryer. This can remove the dog's odor, but also promote the metabolism of the skin, preventing fleas and diseases in dogs.