Used of comb

- Nov 04, 2019-

1. Remove the waste hair: use a steel needle comb and a card clothing comb to smooth the knotted coat. If the knot is severely knotted, the knotted comb should be used; when the waste hair is removed, the rubber comb can be used to remove the waste hair. You can also use a nail comb or a light comb.

2. Carding: Massage the pet's coat to play the role of blood circulation, you can use a wooden handle steel brush, oval nylon brush, oval bristle brush.

3. Finishing the coat: After the massage, the pet coat and other fine parts of the hair (such as the tail, abdomen, hindbrain, etc.) should be arranged. At this time, two-face comb, wide-distance comb, narrow-distance comb, and long and short distance should be used. comb.

4. Repel fleas: to prevent skin diseases and relieve tension, you can use flea catchers, handle bounce combs and handleless bounce combs.