Use of rope pet leash

- Dec 28, 2018-

The owner of the dog knows that the dog is highly dependent on people. If the owner wants to take the dog out to play, they don't know how happy they are. But getting the collar and the leash is another matter. Even some dogs put on the collar and the rope pet leash for the first time and resisted or did not move directly. So let the dog get used to the collar rope to start small. After the dog has just gotten all the vaccines, that is, 4 or 5 months old, they can start to get in touch and get used to the leash and collar.

In selecting the material of the collar and the rope pet leash, we can first choose the nylon material with higher comfort, and the tightness should be adjusted so that it can be inserted into one finger and can not be taken off directly. In this case, the puppy may get used to something new on the neck in the morning.

After getting used to the collar, you can fasten the leash and take the dog out to train the dog in a relatively empty place. Put it down with the leash attached and walk 2 meters away to let it come. Don't force the use of drag and drop. You should encourage it to come by calling its name. If it doesn't work, you can slap the leash to stimulate the dog and encourage it with some snacks until the dog is willing to come. Then you can take the way of walking the dog forward, and slowly move forward in the speed that the dog can keep up. If the dog performs well, you can give the reward appropriately. The training time is controlled within ten minutes and can be repeated twice a day. For a few days, the dog will no longer resist the rope pet leash.