Use of curved dog grooming scissors

- Jul 11, 2019-

Curved dog grooming scissors is also a special utility scissors for the design of poodles, because the tails of these dogs are cut into round shapes, so the hair should be curved when trimmed. Ordinary scissors are difficult to do, but the construction of the curved dog grooming scissors can be used at this time.

The curved dog grooming scissors's edge is also quite sharp, and the density requirement is higher than the straight cut because it handles the trimming of the most detailed parts.

Nail scissors are of course used for nail trimming of pets. Like humans, animal nails are too long and are susceptible to bacteria on the one hand, because long-term walking brings some dirty things into the nails, and the pet has the habit of licking nails. It causes the consequences of illness. On the other hand, kittens with long nails will force them to grind themselves, which may cause damage to valuables in the home.

This type of nail clipper has a short head but is sharp and has different sizes and sizes. It is divided into cat cut and dog cut.