Under what circumstances do you need dog care products?

- Oct 30, 2019-

1. The hair is dry and dull. For this problem, we must first determine that there is no misunderstanding of the usual way of care. Excessive bathing or uneven nutrition will lead to dry and dull hair. If the diet is correct, you can properly feed some beautiful hair care products, such as beauty powder, or egg yolk. 

2. Poor intestinal tract The dog's intestines are not good, and there are always problems with soft stools or indigestion. The dog can be fed with probiotics to help digestion in the stomach.

3. Heart problems Many small dogs and old dogs are prone to heart problems. Once a heart disease occurs, only drugs can be taken to control the improvement, and it is basically impossible to heal. In order to prevent such problems, the food supplement or health supplement containing Q10 coenzyme is supplemented.

4. Joint bone problems Joint bone problems are common in medium and large dogs, because the growth rate is faster, and the owner does not pay attention to proper calcium supplementation, it is easy to cause calcium deficiency in dogs. Of course, some dogs are bone problems caused by hereditary diseases. In order to prevent related problems, the medium and large dogs should pay attention to proper calcium supplementation and nutritional supplement during the growing season. However, do not blindly supplement calcium for dogs with CHD, otherwise it will lead to accelerated calcification of the bones.

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