Tips for cutting cats

- Sep 04, 2019-

1. If you want to cut out a very nice look, then it is best to use a pair of scissors to cut the long hair and then push it with a fader, which is better. Pet-specific faders have different standard calipers, and you can choose how long to keep your hair.

2. If it is just for the cat to cool in the summer, the other is very careless, then push it directly with the fader, and you can use the caliper. Do you think that this may push the cat into a bald spot, rest assured, and then push it back, probably leaving more than 1 mm of hair. (The small support in the photo is directly pushed by the hair, personal experience.)

3. Cats can be said to be timid and sensitive animals, so not all cats can accept shearing. Some cats will be angry, hunger strikes, etc. because they are sheared, so if the baby at home is a temperament, don't take the risk of offending it. Other cats are very sensitive to sound. As long as there is sound, they will show 120 points of tension. They are also not suitable for being shaved, because even the best pet faders are sound, which may scare the cat performance. Abnormal.

4. The hair on the belly is best not to be shaved too short, because the cat sometimes squats on the ground, if it is too short, it is easy to catch cold. (This is my personal opinion. My cat always stretches four feet forward and backward, and puts the whole belly on the ground. People will be cold when they lie directly on the ground. Similarly, I think the cat has this possibility.)

5. Everyone must pay attention to this, that is, to cut them and push the hair, it must not be too long. It is best not to exceed half an hour at a time. Everyone may say that it is not familiar and it is difficult to get it in half an hour. Then people rest and rest, the cats rest and rest, and then start work, it’s not a matter of fire and eyebrows, why do you have to do it all at once?

6. It is not very recommended to bring cats to the pet shop to do hairdressing beauty, because their sensitive nerves, maverick personality, often difficult to accept the long time of the beautician, if in the case of a beautician who does not have much patience, In the end, it did not become a cost to make the cat guilty, angry, and scared.

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